A couple of diversions…

I mentioned yesterday that my Tail Feathers parcel for the month had arrived. Now I had good intentions of working on this next week however…it was bugging me that I was a month behind. I vowed not to get behind on this project otherwise I could see that I would fall further and further behind and not finish it off. Due to a mix up with fabric in the kit, I had been unable to start work on any of last last month's kit and the correct fabric arrived with this month's kit. It was playing on my mind that there was two month's worth of sewing to be done so…I thought I would just cut out the pieces for last month's block before taking DD to the library and DS to football. I cut out the pieces for both month's kits! Football was cancelled due to the pitch flooding. We went to the library where I collected the 6 – yes 6, books that were waiting for me.

Now I had some free time because of no football. I thought I would just sew together block five.


I went a little further and did  the applique and ironed on the stitchery designs! Those little dots were a beastly to cut out. I thought about the pieces sitting there all cut out for block six. I thought I could at least sew on the borders.


So I did the lot! All that is required now is the stitching and they're complete. Next week I intend to put some effort in on the log cabin blocks.

My to-do list suffered a bit because of this other enthusiasm but at least I don't feel so far behind now.

1. Print hexagons DONE

2. Finish Bluebird block (some serious effort required) – NO PROGRESS AT ALL HERE

3. Finish off cardigan (not much left to do) – NO PROGRESS AT ALL HERE EITHER


Back to the cardigan next I think…I'm avoiding the Bluebird block as there is a boo boo that needs correcting!

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One Response to A couple of diversions…

  1. Toni says:

    You have been a busy bee. Love all the colours you’ve been using.
    Toni :o)

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