A1 – Pinwheels Gone Awry

Learned quite a few lessons from this block! It was the first one that I started to make (because of the pinwheels of course)…on my birthday, ages ago. I abandoned it after I'd paper pieced the first two rows and sewn them together. It was too lumpy bumpy and the seams weren't matching. I pulled apart the first two rows and put them in my Rainbow Jane box for a later date.

Today was the later date – I have quite a few blocks left to make for this month's Rainbow Jane so I thought I would try to finish this one off.

It's not too bad I suppose – hopefully the lessons that I learned while making it will mean that Flowery Jane gets a better Pinwheels Gone Awry!


There was progress made on the cardigan last night – at last! Just need to cast off the button/buttonhole band and sew up the rest of seams and then I'll be wearing it – woo hoo! Would have been more but DD needed a scarf knitting – her class are sending Christmas gifts to an orphanage in Bulgaria. It was difficult to know what best to send really as there was a list of things that weren't to be sent. We opted for some fashionable woolly gloves and a scarf like the ones I showed on here a little while back, this one was lilac and grey. No picture as it's gone off to school this morning to get gift wrapped.

I bought a nice little book of cardigan patterns the other week…there are a few in there that are calling my name and they're knit in lovely soft, non-scratchy merino wool – the children don't like proper wool…it itches when they snuggle up.

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