Needle Turn Applique

I read the blog of Quiltsalott on a very regular basis. Actually, sometimes I just stop by to drool over and admire her stunning hand applique. Of late I have been frustrated with my applique-ing. When I first learned to applique it was using freezer paper. It's a fiddle of a job and it didn't teach me how to do sharp points and curves and other such tricky matters. I've experimented with just about every technique I could find…except needle turn, because I was scared of that! I did have a little go but I just couldn't get that needle turning the fabric under. I was unhappy with the results I was getting…freezer paper, starch, iron on interfacing stuff just wasn't doing it for me. This is the reason for the neglected Bluebird block that I keep harping on about.

This morning I decided to have a little 'me' time and sat down to watch a dvd called "Hand Applique the Piece of Cake Way." I bought this from Amazon for a seriously bargainous price after Quiltsalott recommended it. All I can say is that it's absolutely the bees knees. I watched it all the way through this morning and then watched the bit about points again. Then…I cut out a Dear Jane block that's all applique and dared myself to take a deep breath and needle turn it.

Now – I know this isn't absolutely perfect but I tell you – I'm thrilled to bits with it. Apart from the much pointier than usual points – there are curves and no frayed bits, I didn't burn my fingers and my iron isn't covered in spray starch either. 

I will conquer that Bluebird block after all 😀 I think 'Jane' will have to take a little holiday for a day or two while I get that block all done and dusted.

D£ – Jason's Jacks


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One Response to Needle Turn Applique

  1. Barbara says:

    Your points look very fine. A technique that I have been using lately and find very nice for successful needle turn applique is doing back basting. I find it very accurate and less work than other ways. This is the method that I have now been teaching and it seems easily learned. Just do a search for back baste applique and you will see various sites that have good explanations with pictures. Good luck! Relax! Enjoy! and keep stitching.

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