Christmassy post…

I meant to post about my lovely post arrival yesterday. I received a lovely parcel of Christmas goodies from Janey as part of the Very Quick Christmas Fabric, Buttons and Trim swap organised by Jenny – isn't it all festive and lovely? I've plans to make some Christmas tree ornaments with the fabric I think…and those cute little Santas.


I'm sure every crafter is the same…stuff expands to fit the space available. I have my own sewing/crafting room but yet what do we find on the sofa? A little pile of craftyness 😮


Proof that the cardigan is ongoing although the fact that it's covered up by a Dear Jane block in progress doesn't really bode well for its completion.

Neither does this…


While it isn't the one that I've been having trouble with…it is the one that I've been longing to make since I bought it. It was one of the first three that I bought I think and I kept looking at all those points and thinking…Nooooooooooo, I'll mess it up. Helen does say in the pattern that you can do it with fusible web but…I wanted mine to have that needle turned edge finish and so I kept leaving it.

After yesterday's little success courtesy of the Piece of Cake dvd I'm ready to dive in and try it! I really should fix up the other block first but I want to redo the birdies on it and I've not enough blue fabric left so…if I complete a couple more blocks then I might have sufficient scraps left to give my birds a makeover 🙂

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One Response to Christmassy post…

  1. i am sorry I gave you all those points, would love to know if you’ve actually finished it!!! am working on 2010 block now, no points but there is satin stitch! sorry…hugs, Helen

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