Triangle Tuesday

There are 3 triangles to make each month. Thought I should try and make one a week. They're a bit stressful. Those pieces are very skinny. It took a long time but I survived and the result isn't too bad. Thank goodness I thought to put matching marks on the fabric and double thank goodness that I had the forethought to purchase the rulers! I need to go and lie down in a quiet place now and tonight we'll visit the library for some new reading material and then I'll stitch something that's less stress inducing tonight!

I think this scan is a bit wonky, it looks much better in real life and the green fabric is delicous.


I finished Shattered Silk by Barbara Michaels (library book) last night. It was an ok read. I made a start on the first chapter of the second book featuring these same characters as I couldn't nod off last night. At first I thought a new character had been introduced but no – one of the main characters is being called by a different name – Kara, instead of Karen 😮 How strange is that ? I flicked ahead a few chapters to see if it was a printing error but no, she's still Kara there. Perhaps an explanation will be forthcoming or perhaps it is indeed a printing error of gross proportion!

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