Feeling Festive

Yes, the festive feeling descended upon me this week. I was hunting around in my fabric drawer and came across poor, abandoned Santa. I'd made a start on him last year…a small start, I'd ironed the fabric onto the steam a seam ready to cut out the shapes for the jolly old chap and that was all. I think that at the time, I was all Christmass-ed out having finished making the Christmas countdown from the same pattern book – 12 Days of Christmas by Art to Heart. Anyway, Santa was looking at me in a pleading fashion and I felt that having waited for 12 months he really deserved to be completed so I set to with scissors and got him all cut out. This was a rather fortuitous job to discover as Matthew and I spent a few days last week glued to the sofa with some ghastly lurgy and it was the ideal thing to do while all snuggled up and watching a film in front of the fire. Santa is just needing a little embroidery and a few buttons stitching on and then I can sandwich him together ready to hang on the wall – I have a lovely hanger ready and waiting for him.

I think the festive feeling had been approaching for a little while as I was feeling the need to stitch a Christmas stitchery and was looking with needy eyes at one of Lynette Anderson's beautiful designs which I'd seen on May Britt's blog. Having a failed to find the pattern over here I decided that by the time it arrived from Australia I would probably be too busy getting ready for Christmas to play with it and so I went looking for something else to stitch. I happened upon a pretty design on Gail Pan's blog and decided it was perfect for my needs…and it was available right now, straight away and free of charge – a lovely gift 😀

I've also managed to join in with a Dear Jane festive swap and have been preparing some blocks ready for applique.


Last night I spent a bit of time printing some Inklingo shapes. I love the apple core and bought the download quite some time ago and was super eager to start stitching the shapes until I decided that I would make a mess of the cutting out! I had a nice project in mind to use these shapes for but kept on putting it off because I was convinced I'd make a mess of the cutting. Time for a trial run, I thought. I decided to make Tilde's little bag and see how things went. I thought this was a free pattern but I can't find a link to it now on the Inklingo site. I used some charm squares to print onto and the cutting went much better than I thought  -  I used my little 28mm rotary cutter and held it in a different manner from usual and now I have a pile of lovely apple cores to stitch into a bag :D 


Next printing job is to get some more POTC hexagons printed out. I'm going away for a crafty weekend with friends next week and I've got some stitcheries to take, the little bag and hopefully a couple of POTC blocks…I won't get all of that completed of course but it's nice to have a selection to choose from!

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4 Responses to Feeling Festive

  1. May Britt says:

    Which of Lynettes pattern did you look for 🙂
    Christmas is my favorite season and I love making things for christmas. But look like christmas is approaching to fast this year.

  2. Elly Dunbar says:

    I’ve done Tilde’s little bag, I’ll see if I can find the link for you. 🙂
    Now I know where you’ve been doing 2 of a DJ block 😉
    Thank you for the link to Gail’s site I went and downloaded that pattern. It also took me on a tour looking at her other work. Love the look of her new pattern with that new fabric line by Moda. More fabric I must buy, LOL 😉 hugs Elly

  3. Annette says:

    Love your little Santa. You have a beautiful Blog.

  4. Natty says:

    Bloomin’ heck you’ve been busy haven’t you??? LOL So what is the current project that’s on the go? :o)

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