Happy New Year

I'm a little late with new year wishes now that we're five days in to the new year! After one day back at school/work we find ourselves to be snowed in again! Schools are closed, salt boxes are empty, dustbins are overflowing and so we're having another day of holiday 😀


and as you can see – it's still coming down thick and fast. The sleigh is being ridden but I'm staying indoors where it's all warm and snuggly and am going to fire up my sewing machine in a short while in order to work on my Tail Feathers quilt. The end is nearly in sight for this quilt and I'm so excited about that…just worrying now that I'll mess it all up with the quilting 😮

Lots of sewing plans for this year and I had just finally convinced myself to take on no more new projects when I checked on Bunny Hill's blog this morning. There is a lovely new applique BOM full of snowmen, called Snowbound (how appropriate) just beginning and of course, I have downloaded the pattern!

Snowbound banner[6] 

I think I may squeeze it in somehow, I do happen to have some pretty white fabric that would be just perfect for the snowmen, lol!

I joined a SAL in order to get my Blackbird Designs stockings stitched now that I've found somewhere to supply me with small pieces of the fabrics used and have started the first one from the January set. I think they'll stitch up quite quickly and have enjoyed the sewing on this first one so far. I'm doing the one with the pink flowers on it first…very pretty.


I'm also in a SAL for the Little House Needleworks monthly ornaments and am awaiting the arrival of the second one – these are lovely to stitch although they do turn out quite large…good job our tree isn't a small one! Next year's Christmas tree is going to be decked out in a fabulous fashion is the stitching stays on course :D 


The last SAL that I'm in is for The Library, also by Little House Needleworks – I had that on my list of things to stitch and when I saw that there was a SAL beginning it was too hard to resist, lol! 


I really should make a WIP list I think as I also want to stitch the Beatrix Potter sampler. Reading that list I also need to stop sleeping as I've not even started to list my quilty things yet and that is really quite a long list. Good job I like to have more than one thing on the go at once really 😀

I bought some Rouenneries fabric during the Christmas holidays – finally. I had been wanting to buy some since I first saw it but when I went to my LQS the lady there had decided not to order it as she wasn't keen on it. The need was too great though and I finally succumbed to a layer cake (it was a bargain price too so even better!) and am going to make Drunkard's Path shapes with it using Inklingo. I've never been keen on the Drunkard's Path pattern until I saw them in a different arrangement on Cathi's blog and then started giving them a little more thought. Originally, I was going to make octagons from the Rouenneries but now I have a whole new design plotted out in my head involving the Drunkard's Path. I'll need some yardage at some point so hopefully it will continue to be available for a while and in the meantime I'll enjoy sewing these little curved pieces together once I've printed them out.

I had been hoping that the postman would come today but that's not looking too likely with all this snow. I'm awaiting delivery of Jinny Beyer's new book, The Quilter's Album of Patchwork Patterns from The Book Depository I had been waiting quite some time for Amazon to have it in stock but it still wasn't there just after Christmas so I went for a mooch on The Book Depository and there it was, just waiting for me to come along and order it up. 

This is quite a long post so it's probably time for me to go and sew now!

p.s. vampire book fans – see my Just Read list for some rather good vampire reads by Jennifer Rardin. Lent to me by my nephew over Christmas and both Catherine and devoured them in the space of 2 or 3 days, lol!


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7 Responses to Happy New Year

  1. Carole says:

    Oh deary me. More vampire books to tempt me. You are bad LOL
    Are they really good? No, I shouldn’t ask. I mustn’t buy any more books.
    :whispers: really, really good?
    Oh, and the needlework projects look lovely. Bet you cant wait to get started on them all. I have loads of Disney cross stitch kits to do, but just don’t feel in the mood for them recently. Maybe soon…

  2. Natty says:

    The snowbound project sounds really fun – if you are taking part then you MUST post pics of your squares as you do them! I really want to see them. 😀
    I really like that book sampler – looks like the perfect project!

  3. Dielle says:

    Your samplers are lovely! Can I ask the name/author of the pattern for the fabulous bag you blogged about in August? I’m totally in love!

  4. Joan says:

    Tree, Love you web page…and will check it out more fully shortly. i wish I had the snow! You have so much for me to look at here…and so busy..you do so many different things..WEll done – and a Happy New Year

  5. Annette says:

    THe snow pics looks wonderful. I know what you mean about the Snowman QUilt. It’s just gorgeous.

  6. It’s snowing books!

    So much for my good intentions. The plan was to try and read more books from the TBR bookcase than I added to it. So far for January, and bear in mind it’s only the 9th, I’ve read one and…

  7. Elly Dunbar says:

    Ooooh I just ordered a layer cake of Rouenneries this morning! I too had been trying to resist it until I saw it in a little quilt last night..
    What is a SAL??
    Love your snow pictures but brrrr looks very cold! Elly:)

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