We still have one car that we just cannot get off the drive! My super, little green snowmobile is managing the trip up to the main road and back now. It was commandeered yesterday and the day before for work transport as John thought that 2 days off for snow was more than over the top! I was quite happy being Snowbound with the chicks, the dvds and the sewing though! Yesterday we took the bus to the library in search of new things to read – that was no cheap journey, thank goodness we don't need to use the bus often, the price is atrocious 😮


This is the view in one direction from my back door. That's the golf course in the far distance…no shouts of 'four' happening at the moment, lol!

I finished off the first Snowbound block last night. Thoroughly enjoyed the applique…did make a slight boo boo on the cupcake and wasn't prepared to do huge amounts of unpicking so that pink rikrak is doing cover up duty. A shame because I'd done a jolly nice job of the scalloped bit of the cake…never mind, still looks pretty and now it's unique, lol!


 Colours are a bit rubbish as I had to take the pic using flash.

My Jinny Beyer book arrived yesterday – poor snowman struggled down the hill with it, it weighs a tonne! Lots of lovely reading there for me. On a quick flip through there are enough gorgeous blocks in there to keep me sewing for the next 600 years!!!

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3 Responses to Snowbound

  1. Carole says:

    Oh that looks lovely, and much better to have one that’s unique, don’t you think?

  2. Margaret says:

    Ahhhh, how cute is this? I told myself I wouldn’t do this BOM but seeing your block I could be tempted.

  3. Elly Dunbar says:

    You’re Snowbound block looks fabulous Tree, I’ve been trying to resist it!! LOL.. resolve slipping away each time I see one made up.
    You have unusual posties where you are…. snowmen delivering you post… that’s a novelty, rofl!! Wouldn’t mind that book myself too… one day.. Elly

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