SAL progress

Last week was a crazy busy week getting my DS ready to go away this week with school. I was in dire need of a pair of waterproof gloves for him…had been searching for them for 2 months and hadn't been able to find a pair anywhere. So…in addition to the extreme excitement about his week away there was the constant worry that he wouldn't have the correct gloves. I finally found a pair – phew! On top of that excitement, there was a tonne of documentation to be sent into DD's school for her trip to France in July. After all that was achieved and both lots of extreme excitement lived with I was ready for a bit of a holiday myself, lol! 

I did manage some stitching last week…when the excited ones had retired to bed and got a fair bit of the LHN Pear Tree ornament completed – it's beautiful, I love the colours. No photo yet, I'll wait until I've finished it – hopefully tomorrow. 

On the Blackbird stockings front I completed the Sweetheart Sampler a couple of weeks ago – I thoroughly enjoyed stitching it and it was such a quick stitch as well. I have one Feb stocking left to stitch now – I would have had all of the Feb ones done in Feb but I had done three in a row and fancied stitching something else after I'd done this one. Once the last Feb one is stitched I'm going to enjoy choosing some backing fabric for the first 6 stockings and then finish them off – perhaps at Marches crop.


I found some beautiful cross stitching blogs last week while having a little surf – many of them French. Of course, while I was hopping from blog to blog I came across another SAL that was just about to start – I signed up…oops! Below is the first week's stitching, I just completed it this evening. I always seem to be choosing pink and green so I went for a purple shade with a gorgeous shade of green this time. I've no idea what these threads were originally bought for now, they were lurking in my little thread drawer and now they're happy to be seeing the light of day.


This isn't a very good photo – I took it just now with the flash and you can't really see what a lovely shade of green it is at all. The design is by Marilyn of Le coin broderie de Marilyn S she has some lovely designs on her blog.

I also managed to get this month's My Little Heart chart stitched this week for Sylvia's SAL This is such a sweet design, I'm thinking that I'll give it to DD when it's complete as she is one of my own little hearts 🙂

After all of my stitching and Plum waffle, I've not only 'encouraged' Carole to start reading Stephanie Plum books and take up her cross stitch again…I think I've also enticed her into starting this SAL as well :grin: 

Stitching on The Library ground to a halt a little while back and I'm eager to get some more stitches onto it…I've scheduled some serious time with it as soon as Pear Tree is finished. I need to get moving on it in order to keep Carole stitching…I've promised she can have the chart when I'm done! Well…a fellow book lover simply must stitch The Library and The Bookshelf, I think it's probably mandatory!

I think that's covered all of the SAL's that I'm stitching. Some super exciting news on the stitching front is that I am all signed up to make Mary Wigham's wardrobe. I cannot wait to begin this. In fact, the first part of the chart has already been given to us and I'm just awaiting a delivery of fabric and thread and then I can begin. Do click on the link and take a look, I think it's the most lovely and clever bit of stitching and crafting. I think the class lasts for 6 months.

I've not had my date with the February snowman block yet – I'm thinking I might catch up with him when I have my finishing week for the stockings 🙂

On the reading front I am now Plum-less 😮 I've read all of the Stephanie Plum books that are currently in print and am eagerly awaiting Sizzling Sixteen. I had been looking forward to reading Audrey Niefenegger's new book as I enjoyed The Time Traveller's Wife so much and I finished it a couple of days ago…I'm sorry to say that it wasn't a patch on TTTW at all. I'm now reading Anne Rice's The Witching Hour which I ordered up from the library simply ages ago…it's taken a while to arrive, it must be popular. I ordered after I had finished reading Angel Time which I thoroughly recommend. So far so good with The Witching Hour although I'm not too far into it having had a bit of stitching madness over the last couple of days – it's definitely caught my interest though.

Anyway, time for some beauty sleep – I've a date with a Pear Tree tomorrow afternoon!


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3 Responses to SAL progress

  1. Jane Adams says:

    Far be it from me to act as an enabler, but as a book and cat lover, have you come across “Frederick the Literate”. Of course, because you sew too, you would also need “Maggie the Mess-maker” – think they are both kits by Dimension Gold.
    I love all these SALs you are completing – I am so so tempted, if only someone could tell me where to find hours 25-30in the day! Plus there is the crate of kits, complete set of DMC threads, numerous UFOs, and folders of patterns that were consigned to the loft when the scrapping bug bit. Probably have a Disney kit collection to rival our Caroles!!

  2. Tree says:

    You just knew I would go looking didnt you, lol! Theyre both gorgeous…I must resist, I must resist, I must resist!!! Time is a beast isnt it but perhaps you could squeeze in a few stitches somewhere for a bit of relaxation? Hide all the stuff away that youre feeling guilty for not stitching and start on a nice, fresh, something and enjoy it 🙂 My Little Heart would be a perfect little stitch and its so cute.

  3. Carole says:

    Why did I go looking for Frederick the Literate?? It’s very nice, isn’t it LOL
    Yes Tree, I am well and truly enticed into starting the little heart SAL, and the first Stephanie Plum is read, with the second on order from the library. You are a very bad influence, but thank you *grin*
    Shame about the new Audrey Niefenegger book, but then how could anything measure up to TTW? It was rather incredible.

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