Some slightly better pictures…

the sun's shining this morning and the sky is blue. I took my stitching outside to try and get a better picture using my poor camera schools…too much wobbling about I think but I think these are slightly better than last night's attempts, lol!



The Ann Rice book is becoming compelling reading…it's a big,thick doorstopper of a book too. Need to finish off the Pear Tree before I become thoroughly engrossed. 

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2 Responses to Some slightly better pictures…

  1. I just love your stitching here! I especially love the tote bag in your side bar! Do you make and sell them? This one here is just gorgeous!! I love it! Debby

  2. kerry says:

    The My Little Heart SAL is looking lovely. Mine is still in printed out format. Hoping to get some sewing done this evening.

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