Super post day…

I had an appointment with the dentist this morning :shudder: I've not had the happiest of experiences at the dentist over the last 18 months so am relieved to say that this one was painless and the new dentist was very nice indeed 😀 Paid a little visit to the library on the way home to pick up some books for Catherine and have a chat with the friendly librarians…of course, I managed to come away with a stack of books for myself as well, lol! 

I think Royal Mail realised that a little post-dentist-worry treat was required as a very fine delivery occurred not long after I got back…look look——————-


Do you see the doughnut shaped thing? It's full of little bobbins of Masterpiece thread in a rainbow of colours…a super cost effective way for me to buy lots of different thread colours for my applique. I actually wanted to try out the SuperBobs which you can get in the same type of doughnut but I can not find them anywhere except for Superior Threads website and their shipping to the UK is seriously prohibitive. I did try to get it from the place I usually get Masterpiece from in the UK but as I was still waiting for them to get back to me on it after 3 weeks and a reminder phone call I don't think I could be called too impatient for resorting to Ebay for my 2nd choice of the Masterpiece thread. I've been putting off doing any applique until its arrival.

Shame to mess it up by using it really, it's rather pretty lol!

The cross stitch book I ordered from Amazon after I saw a totally fabulous project while blog hopping last week. Ages ago, I purchased an old printer's drawer with the intention of decorating it altered stylee however…the project stalled because I kept changing my mind about 'the theme'. I had settled on a birdie theme when all of a sudden I wondered if a sewing theme wouldn't be better. I was in the process of collecting enough stitchy bits to fill it up with (hadn't got far, it was a recent decision) when I stumbled upon this beauty  Please click and go and take a look – it's fabulous. So…I am all set – this is now my plan for the printer's drawer. (and unless you clicked and went to look you won't know what I'm talking about! I don't like to use a photo without asking).

This was supposed to be a super quick post! Do you see Pear Tree sneaking into the photo? It's fed up of waiting for me to finish it so it can have its picture taken and has taken matters into it's own hands, lol!

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2 Responses to Super post day…

  1. Carole says:

    Ooh, that doughnut bobbin thingy is very pretty indeed. It would be a shame to use it, perhaps you should get one to use and keep that one for looking at?
    Pear tree looks lovely. Can’t wait to see that one all finished in it’s own photo. It is hiding a bit there.
    That printer’s drawer project looks interesting. That should keep you busy for a while. Or busier, I should say *grin*

  2. robin says:

    The doughnut thread thingy is adorable. don’t think I’ve seen anything like this in the states but I may have to go looking for one, LOL
    and the printer’s drawer is WONDERFUL! I’d love one of those too!!! Might have to scout out the local flea markets soon! thanks for sharing.

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