Another abandoned project…

is getting a lease of new life. You might ask why this project was abandoned. Well, it was the second Old Red Barn quilt along from last year. I loved the fabric…love it. I'm not a modern fabric kind of girl but this particular modern fabric has that beautiful shade of green in it. So, I started out very enthusiastically with this quilt top, I was excited. I made all of the half square triangles. They looked lovely. I laid them out in the zigzag pattern. I hated it 😮

What to do? I had told Catherine that I was making her a zigzag quilt. It was all too much. I put the blocks into a plastic box. I made sure I didn't have to worry about them again because I covered them up with something else. But you know, I knew they were there and every now and again I would get a little flash picture in my mind of these sad, neglected 1/2 square triangles. 

Yesterday, I put the binding onto Matthew's quilt. I've the hand sewing to do yet but I love doing that bit. Today, I vowed to get the 1/2 square triangles out and at least look at them. I just can't bring myself to do zigzags – it's never going to happen. I do LOVE pinwheels though. So…here's the new plan…pinwheels and lots of 'em maybe with some black sashing but I'll decide on that when I've made them all and laid them out.

For now…I've made a start on completing another abandoned project. That's 3 in one week. Surely there must be a prize available for this, lol! It'll look very good in my list of completed projects 😀


p.s I remembered how to feather edges on my blur today…progress, it's all progress!

I caught up with a little tv yesterday…almost fainted on the floor to see the delicious Fritz from 'The Closer' show up in Brothers and Sisters 😮 Nora is dating him…lucky, luck Nora!

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One Response to Another abandoned project…

  1. Carole says:

    I have so many unfinished scrapping projects that I don’t like to think about it.
    I look at it as having a selection of projects that I can just pick up and play with when I fancy. Takes some of the guilt away…
    Nice fabric, btw.

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