Friday Finishes…

I'm good at starting new things…and bad at finishing things! Sometimes the pile of things needing finishing nags at my conscience and today and this last week it was shouting! Matthew's poor quilt – almost reached an anniversary in the making so last Saturday I took it to the crop with me and did the hand stitching on the binding. I do enjoy doing that but my fingertips were quite sore when I'd finished. No sooner had I put the last stitch in it (finished it off after I got home from the crop) than it was on his bed and being snuggled under – he loves it 😀 and is waiting for a matching pillowcase 😮 To be fair, this wasn't a Friday finish but it's been lingering about for so long it wouldn't have been right not to celebrate its completion. He's sleeping with it on top of his duvet at the moment, I think he must be sweating pounds away during the night, lol! It will be great in the summer though…without the duvet!


I've been enjoying making the Blackbird Designs stockings and the first 5 of them are now completely finished. They are unbelievably cute and small when they're finished off. I'm a bit behind with the actual cross stitch on this project (keep getting sidetracked by other loveliness) but now that I see how lovely they are when finished off I shall aim to catch up after Easter.


I thought I'd give them a trial run on a tree in the garden! It wasn't easy to photograph actually, the wind kept blowing them about, lol!

I had my Baesco bag finished by last weekend as well – I was just lacking some twill tape to catch the corners. I did take it out on Saturday and it fits a lot of stuff inside it – this morning, I've sewn the tape on and it really is a nice finishing touch and makes the bag hold a lovely shape. Had to photograph this one indoors as it was raining by the time this was finished.


I love it – and of course, it's made from Rouenneries. I went on a little trip to my LQS yesterday…lots of lovely new fabric and bits and bobs since my last visit. I found the chunky wide rikrak that I've searched every corner of the globe for and quite a few colours…I restricted myself to two colours and I also bought a new bag pattern!

Last night I finally finished Anne Rices 'The Witching Hour' – what a marathon read that was! Good story but it's a bit strung out and no happy ending! Luckily for me, Sue has promised me the load of books two and three so I can find out what happens. I was all set to read Carole's Black Dahlia when I finished this but another bookring arrived yesterday morning and I've been looking forward to reading it – The Secret Scripture. Read a few pages last night but my eyes were drooping so I'm not very far into it yet.

I found a copy of Just Cross Stitch with the LHN 'He is Risen' pattern in it early this week and I'm stitching on that at the moment and hopefully will finish it in time for Easter…well, I'm hoping very soon really as I spotted Danybrod's lovely Easter bunny and egg yesterday and I would really like to make those before Easter as well! 



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7 Responses to Friday Finishes…

  1. Carole says:

    That is quite possibly the most beautiful handbag I’ve ever seen. I’m almost drooling here! I am in awe of your sewing skills.
    The little stockings are just cute, and look fab on the tree. And the quilt is lovely. LOL at Matthew snagging straight away. How long will he have to wait for that pillowcase? 😉
    You should come and join my bookray for Kitchen by Banana Yoshimoto. Not only is it a smashing little book, but you get to say the author’s name which just rolls off the tongue LOL

  2. Karen says:

    All gorgeous stitching Tree 😀 LOL at the stockings blowing in the tree!!

  3. May Britt says:

    Your bag is beautiful, and it looks like a very good bag pattern. Wish you a happy easter.

  4. Nicky says:

    Your stitching is perfect! I love that quilt, gorgeous colours, and your stockings and handbag look amazing. I had to smile when I read about Danybrod’s bunny and egg.
    I fell in love with the egg last night, bought the pattern, and have almost finished stitching it now! It is such a little sweetie.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Natty says:

    Oh my gosh Tree, what fantastic projects! But I have to say that quilt is fanbloomin’tastic! I am now more than convinced that I need to send you the fabric and you can make my quilt! :oD

  6. Well I have arrived and now I am going to slink back under the stone I crawled out from, your work is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I love the bag simply fantastic want one ,want one,but as I am not a quilter there is no hope of that lol. Your stockings are super too ,I have given the ones I have stitched as pressies but have all the patterns so must stitch faster lol.
    The blue and yellow quilt would look lovely draped over the sofa in my dining room. Can you tell I am a delicate shade of green!

  7. Margaret says:

    Your Baseco bag turned out SO beautiful. I had been looking forward to seeing it and wasn’t disappointed!
    Beautiful quilt and your embroidery project promises to be gorgeous.

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