One Flower Wednesday

 I love hand sewing and I've been trying to resist but…resistance is futile! I kept happening across little Gardens growing on blogs and the need to grow my own Garden was irresistable. I had promised myself to finish off my Tail Feathers quilt before starting a new quilt…these are only tiny though and they're super quick to make with a cup of coffee so I think they can almost be overlooked as an altogether new project đŸ™‚ Here's my one flower for this Wednesday – would have been more but my preparation time went out of the window yesterday when school phoned to tell me that Matthew was poorly…one nasty 24 hour tummy bug later and he's back running around again I'm glad to say.


1/2" hexagons made the Inklingo way

Now to figure out my get out clause for starting on some Klosjes…I've been eyeing those up for ages. I think the reasoning is the same as for the Garden…they're small, they're a cup of coffee's worth of stitching and they're fun!

p.s I went out into the sunny garden to take a photo of my flower only to find my camera battery was flat…hence the rather uninteresting scanned pic for this week!


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8 Responses to One Flower Wednesday

  1. Carole says:

    That’s pretty. I look forward to seeing your garden grow.
    Btw, Harry will be on his way home to you very soon.

  2. Jeanette says:

    Pretty fabrics. Hugs, Jeanette

  3. Karen says:

    Beautiful first bloom!!!

  4. Saskia says:

    happend to me too. Looking at the flowers and couldn’t resist. I’m trying not to look at the ‘klosjes’ though. Hope I can resist that until i have some finished projects..
    Like the flower!

  5. tineke says:

    I looked at the flowers AND the klosjes and , well, need I say more?
    Your flower is absolutely beautiful!

  6. NADINE says:

    How lovely ! I bet this is the beginning of a wonderful flower garden ;>) Welcome into the FUN, dear !

  7. Cathi says:

    Your flower is wonderful — they stitch up so quickly you’ll have a garden full in no time! The klosjes? Addictive!!

  8. Joan says:

    Tree Its lovely to see you again…your garden is growing I see…hard to resist being in the garden isnt it…Do you read all those books or listen to them – thats an impressive list! I am off to bed…catch up next week

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