Saturday Klosjes

I can't resist this pretty fabric – it's Garden Song by Nancy Halvorsen. I first came across when I was looking for fabric for Karen's birthday bag and couldn't resist getting some for myself with the intention of using my Inklingo Dresden Plate shapes on it – I'm still going to do that but am using the scraps for Klosjes. I cut out lots of shapes today that I had printed off using Inklingo yesterday and managed to get two sewn up as well. Here they are posing with the 'just about to bloom' lilac in the garden.


We cropped today, well – I sewed…everybody else cropped! and I had drawn Karen in our birthday swap. I made this bag for her in the blues from Garden Song.


It almost didn't make it to the wrapping stage…I rather fell in love with it and I think Karen likes it too 🙂 Happy Birthday Karen!



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8 Responses to Saturday Klosjes

  1. Hdingy says:

    Ooh, could do with those fabric designs in paper, they are yummy!
    Karen’s bag is gorgeous, even more lovlier in the flesh!

  2. Karen says:

    I can tell you Karen absolutely ADORES the bag!!! I still can’t believe you made it for me thank you so much Tree, I know how much time and effort went into it and I appreciate it so much!! :wub: xxx

  3. Dot says:

    I just happen to have been drooling over some “Garden Song” fabric this morning. Isn’t it such a pretty range?! Just love that gorgeous little bag. I don’t know that I could give it away. It’s very thoughtful of you.
    I have seen many other bloggers working on Klosjes. They’re so lovely. I’ve also only recently read about Inklingo. Oh so many wonderful things in the quilt world. Why of why do we need to sleep…… and work. (grin)

  4. jean says:

    i love that bag it’s beautiful , where did you get teh pattern from honey i would love to have a go at making one xx

  5. tineke says:

    Your bags are GORGEOUS!
    And I like your klosjes a lot – you’ve choosen nice colours!
    All the best,

  6. Joke says:

    Hi Tree,
    I came by to take a look at your hexagonflower and discoverd that you are making klosjes too! They look lovely and so does the adorable bag you made for Karen.
    Very beautiful!

  7. Karen says:

    Love the klosjes!

  8. Christine says:

    Oh WOW. I love the bag you made your friend. I’d find it hard to part with too.

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