Ready for the weekend…

2105_1  I like having a specific project to do on a particular day of the week and tomorrow it's time for Klosjes. I've got my shapes all printed up and ready to go. I also dug out a Bluebird block which has been sitting unfinished for ages. I began making it before I learned to applique the Piece O' Cake way and I'm not happy with how it looks so I abandoned it! This weekend I'm going to fix it and finish – well, that's the intention anyway. The children have a bowling match tomorrow so I can sit and stitch my Klosjes in the sunshine (fingers crossed) while watching them and perhaps on Sunday I can set too and get something done with the pretty Bluebird block.

There's another good reason for getting this block finished – the new Quilt Aid blocks are on Helen Stubbings' blog and in spite of having decided not to do the project this year because I've got enough things going on they're so pretty that I'm extremely tempted and I suspect that I will succumb! Maybe if I finish another couple of last year's blocks I'll allow myself to indulge 😀

Catherine's birthday is today – she has become a teenager 😮 Sources have told her that with teenager-dom come bad moods, grumpiness and sarcasm. I've told her there's no need for any of that and to carry on as her usual lovely self 🙂


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3 Responses to Ready for the weekend…

  1. Valentina says:

    Oh, many congratulations for the new young Lady, how exciting!
    and I can’t wait to see your Klosjes!
    I better get off the computer and start making some myself!

  2. betsy says:

    Theresa the bird pattern looks delightful. I bet it will be adorable when you have it completed.

  3. stephanie says:

    I am looking for the particular block that is in your photo (21 may 2010) – the one of the 3 birds holding the branch inside a circle – I was wondering who designed it. I have been scouring the web – and have emailed Quilt aid and all the stores that stock the quilt however as it is last years quilt aid quilt I am not finding it easy to find the designer and name of design and therefore which store stocks it.
    I was hoping you might still have the pattern and that it might have the name of the design and artist.
    thanks so much Stephanie

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