My Garden and Clamshells

Almost missed my posting, have been super busy running around trying to find extra players for tonight's cricket match today and then ferrying boys to the cricket match this evening. Now I'm back home and have managed to iron and photograph this week's creations. 2 flowers for my garden and sadly, in spite of my determination to put an outer ring on each week, the sporting schedule has been so full that I've just not managed it – perhaps I will aim for two next week.


On the clamshell front things turned a little peculiar – to say the least! I spent a good portion of time printing and cutting clamshells so I knew I wasn't going to get too many stitched together…and actually, I was a little worried about those curves. Part way through the cutting, I could stand it no longer and had to get started stitching and I was hooked straight away – these little shapes go together unbelievably easily. Unfortunately, I was stitching at not the best time one evening and got a little distracted and before I knew it – I'd stitched a clamshell in the wrong way round. Well, I sort of liked it so I thought I'd keep it like that and see what developed! So – instead of rows of different blue fabrics I ended up with this…


It looks a little odd for two reasons – the grass isn't flat and there is an unstitched between the bottom bright blue clamshell and the cream/blue flowers one. I'm not sure whether to right this off as a practice piece or continue as I'm wondering whether this sort of shape requires a little more planning in the placement of colours than rows. The jury is out on the matter now but I need to decide soon because I want to get some more stitching done (when the sporting has calmed down a little!)

Poor klosjes aren't making an appearance this week either – soon though, very soon!



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17 Responses to My Garden and Clamshells

  1. Carole says:

    The flowers are pretty, but I really love those clamshells. They’re really random looking and gorgeous colours.

  2. Jossie says:

    Lovely flowers for this week.
    The start of your clamshells looks great too. It looks rather difficult to me. I am only making straight rows.

  3. Nice flowers and the clamshells are so artistically placed -you’re doing a great job. I am sure you have time for ONE (1) little klosje… 🙂

  4. Sally says:

    I’ve seen clamshells laid out that way so if you like the look, keep going! (see Your fabrics are very pretty, lovely blues.

  5. Nicky says:

    Love those flowers – I have been wondering about clamshells lately – how you physically join them all together – looks pretty tricky to me! Love your blue fabrics too.

  6. merumo says:

    I like the alternate placement of your hexagons for one of the flowers. I see hexagons, clamshells and klosjes all over now and you are infected by all three of them! Must be really tough to fight with… lol

  7. Karen says:

    Pretty flowers and very interesting clamshells!! I like it!

  8. merumo says:

    I’m back as I just downloaded my first inklingo for clamshells! Lots of reading need to be done before having fun though… Thanks for a wonderful inspirations!!

  9. simone says:

    Lovely flowers and what a great start on your clamshells!

  10. Valentina says:

    oh Theresa!
    Inspired! Keep going, These clams are just having a lovely dance with the waves! Gorgeous!
    and your Hexi-blooms are lovely!

  11. Cathi says:

    I’m really intrigued by your clamshells — I like that layout.
    Your flowers for your garden are fabulous.

  12. Lovely flowers. I would love to try the clamshells also. But there is so much I like to do ……….

  13. Cisca - Quiltpassion says:

    Beautiful flowers, Theresa and the clamshells look wonderful, too! Lovely Tail’s Feather’s Quilt!
    Greetings, Cisca

  14. Gisele says:

    Great hexagon flowers Theresa & that clam layout looks really interesting, you could have fun with that, love the blues!

  15. Elly Dunbar says:

    I love your fabric choices Theresa. Seems you’ve had a similar experience to me when sewing them together. I had a couple of incidences of frogstitching. Finally I got a block I was happy with.
    I too have just ordered the Lynette Anderson BOM. I got mine from Cross Patch in Wales.
    Can hardly wait for it to arrive. Hopefully early next week 😉 The fabrics look gorgeous and the first block is so cute.

  16. Vickie says:

    Hi Theresa! Your flowers are beautiful! I love the color combination! Oooh, go with the clamshell combination. I have seen clamshell projects where they were placed like yours and it looked awesome! I have wanted to start on the clamshells; are you using a template from Inklingo?

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