Everything Austen II

 Stephanie of Stephanie's Written Word is hosting the Everything Austen II challenge – I missed the first one but can't resist signing up for this 2nd chance. Sign ups are open until 15th July and there are 6 months in which to complete your chosen challenges. I've really challenged myself – I've included two lots of viewing – I'm not good at viewing – I only view when I've got some hand sewing in my mitts and no kids sports to attend! I was going to include a stitching project – I still would like to include a stitching project but really – I have an incalculable amount of stitching projects on the go as it is! Here are my choices, in no particular order of preference - 

1. Mansfield Park – book

 Mansfieldpark I've never read this one :o 

2. The Jane Austen Book Club – dvd

Janeaustenbookclub This looks interesting. I'm thinking a girly night of tv and sewing with Catherine. I see Violet from Private Practice is in there, I like here and also Jimmy Smits…Mmm, I used to love him in LA Law!

3. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies – book

Pride-prejudice-zombies This sounds like an absolute hoot!

4. Lost in Austen – dvd

Lostinausten I recall seeing part of a random episode of this when it was on the television – I was curious to see more. I think Catherine may manage to keep me company for some of this…there is 3 hours worth of viewing though so good for stitching along to!

5. Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters – book

Sensesensibilityseamonsters rather irresistable once you see that POTC Davey Jones character on the cover!

6. Jane Austen's Sewing Box – book

Janeaustenssewingbox I had a little dip into this when it arrived from Amazon – it looks like a great combination of Austen info, history and little sewing projects. I might combine no.6 with the stitching of a huswife but like I said above, I have lots of stitching on the go so I may not get around to it.

Hoping to find some time to visit the blogs of other participants to see what they're doing.

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3 Responses to Everything Austen II

  1. Carole says:

    Sigh, you know I’m still wavering on this one. I need to make my mind up quickly though. Perhaps I should check out what everyone else is doing before saying that final and definite no…

  2. Natty says:

    Lovely challenge – I really liked the Jane Austen book club – Hugh Dancy and Emily Blunt are great in it.
    I never caught Lost in Austen, but I am currently still lost in Regency Romance Land and enjoying the work of Mary Balogh. :o)
    Btw, Burning Lamp was pretty good, might have to read more of Amanda Quick’s Arcane series – think I prefer it to the modern-day-set titles.

  3. Nicole says:

    I’m a little into Sea Monsters, it’s pretty good, nothing horrific yet 😉 Lost in Austen was excellent and I’d encourage you to pick up the create your own Jane Austen adventure book when you’re done with the movie. Mansfield Park is always my least favorite of Austen’s works, but it’s one of my favorite books. lol. Enjoy your challenge! I look forward to your reviews!!

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