The Count of Monte Cristo Challenge

Countbook  I love talking books with Carole – sometimes it's expensive; she introduces me to somebody new I introduce Carole to somebody new; we share books; we join in bookrings, bookrays, bookspirals and goodness knows what else! It's wondeful to talk with somebody else who enjoys such a wide diversity of reading material though. Last week I think it was, Carole mentioned that she was reading The Count of Monte Cristo. Well, I LOVE that story. I watched Richard Chamberlain as the Count when I was young – my Mum had a soft spot for Richard and in recent years I've watched Jim Caviezel in a new film version of the story. Both great films and Catherine loves the film too. Now, I have quite a large TBR pile and I happened to mention to Carole that The Count had been lingering on this pile since before Catherine was born 😮 Carole responded with a challenge to read the Count. I think she was teasing – maybe. I started feeling a bit sorry for The Count though as I then realised that he'd been sitting on the shelf in excess of 13 years – I think I bought him after I read Les Miserables and I know for a fact that I read that in my lunch hours at work so…more than 14 years on the shelf 😮

It's time for the Count to come down off the shelf and be properly read so in addition to the Everything Austen Challenge II, bookrings/rays/spirals, a gazillion sewing projects, library books, summer holidays and whatever else – I am going to read The Count of Monte Cristo before school starts back in September. I can report that so far he is down off the shelf and dusted off and the first few pages have been consumed 😀

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2 Responses to The Count of Monte Cristo Challenge

  1. Carole says:

    Thank you Tree. I do love chatting about books with you too. You have made me read, umm, I mean recommended me some extremely good books 🙂
    I am glad you’re going to read The Count. Don’t you feel better now you’ve dusted off that poor neglected book?

  2. Ang says:

    Oh that is brill news, the Count will so happy now that he is dusted off & being appreciated. Watch that young Carole….she leads you astray (mind, some of us…eg me…dont need much ‘leading’ do we?? lol)
    Hope you enjoy it chuck. xx

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