Finishes and New Arrivals

2207_3   The postman has been pretty busy delivering to the Treehouse over the last week. As well as the kit for Lynette Anderson's Scandinavian Christmas (I forgot to photograph this), he also brought the next My Garden pattern/button and Electric Quilt 7. I am stitching along on Scandinavian Christmas with Simone  and we are just waiting for her first delivery to arrive so that we can set a date for completing the first block – they are quite large blocks but I'm looking forward to stitching them. 

As for the Electric Quilt – I am itching to start playing with that – I've not owned a copy other than the Dear Jane software before so I'm sure that there will be a learning curve involved…I'm just waiting for the 'technical department' to fix me up with an appropriate version of Windows so that I can get going – I only have an old version on my Mac which I use for Inklingo cds and cross stitch software and it won't do for EQ!

I've been in a finishing off mood this last week or so and have finally finished stitching Geranium House by CCN. It's such a pretty design and I'm pleased with how it turned out…just wish that the fabric had been a little lighter. Its destiny is to become a cushion. I also finished off the little scissor fob from the LHN Needle and Thread pattern – that is super cute, I really like it – I'm not sure that I will bother to make many more scissor fobs although it does look very sweet dangling from the halloween scissors


I've made a start on my list for the Everything Austen II challenge in fact, I keep on finding things that I want to add to the list. I've ordered up a 'few' more books from the library and I had a little party over at Amazon and The Book Depository last night. I can see that this is going to be an Austentatious summer! It is certainly the weather for staying indoors and reading and sewing – we have had steady downpours of rain, thunder and lightening and some flooding for just over a week now. Most bizarre weather indeed. 

I'm hoping and hoping that it's going to brighten up and at least remain dry for a while as this has been a very soggy beginning to the school summer holidays. We had planned to get in some bowling practice today which I certainly need as my defeat last night was almost total – I blame it on the wet conditions! I did manage to score 2 points before the end of the match so I wasn't completely embarrassed. Also, we've now booked a week's holiday. We were going to go to France with the tent again but given the precarious situation of my back we thought that would be unwise. We're now going to the Isle of Wight and have booked a lovely little thatched cottage to stay in…I'm really excited about that, I think we're taking the bicycles along as well so plenty of exercise to balance out the time sat reading and sewing 🙂

I know I've not posted about my Flower Garden for a few weeks – I have fallen behind with it somewhat but I do intend to make some flowers before the end of the month and post about them at the same time I post about my clamshell progress. A new Inklingo collection of 1/2 clamshells and edges has just been released and I will certainly be adding this to my Inklingo library very soon along with the 1" diamond collection which I need for my Flower Garden.

Hoping to have the stitching completed on a couple more Christmas story blocks this week…just a few more roses and leaves to go 🙂


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4 Responses to Finishes and New Arrivals

  1. Carole says:

    Geranium house is beautiful. The colours are lovely.
    I’m really liking that scissor fob too, and especially the wee scissors they’re attached to. They’re really unusual.

  2. Karen says:

    I love the Geranuim house, ity’s stitched up really lovely. That ribbon is definitely right too for the fob, it’s so cute! xxx

  3. Nicky says:

    Love your finishes, the little scissor fob is so cute, and Geranium House is on my very long list of “to do’s”. Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

  4. Margaret says:

    That dinky little fob is really sweet.
    You have to stop showing things here that I end up wanting to make!
    Luckily I have the pattern and I also think I already stitched Geranium House.
    Yours turned out so nice.
    Enjoy your holiday. I will send some sun for you 🙂

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