Exciting Times

There was something of a stitching hiatus while we were on holiday – not because I had been disorganised and forgotten to take my stitching along with me but because the light in the lovely cottage we stayed in wasn't good enough to stitch by in the evenings. I think I'll have to get invest in one of those portable OTT lites for next year as we're planning to go back there. I did do a little stitching and almost finished this month's My Garden block, I think there is a daisy or two left to do.

We were only back one day from our holiday before it was time for me to jet off up to the Lake District with Jen to take a couple of classes with Lynette Anderson. We spent a lovely couple of days at Fobbles, stitching away and getting to know Lynette who is a very talented and lovely person indeed. It was such a pleasure to see her wonderful creations in real life…we were allowed to touch and stroke too! I did take some photos but probably not as many as I ought to have done. We had two beautiful projects to work on – the first being a book cover and a pencil case featuring Badger Cottage and the second project was a lovely Christmas table runner featuring Santa, his sleigh and some reindeer. 

Th_Fridaynight4-Page001  Tomorrow night is the Friday Night Sew In and I've fancied joining in a for a little while now so this month I've taken the plunge and decided that I'll finish off one of the Badger Cottage projects – would be nice to get the stitchery completed and made up into a pillow (I've decided not to go with a book cover) and maybe the pencil case started…we'll see how it goes!


Oops, I promised photos didn't I? Here you go…


I'm ashamed to say that I can't recall the name of this one – just the fact that I fell in love with it, wanted to buy the pattern and wasn't quick enough before it sold out! It's going on my wish list, it's gorgeous. Muddy Flowers may be the name. (that's Lynette's arm in the corner there!)



Now this cute little number was Jen's favourite…must admit, those snowmen were super cute.


Oh now look at this – a whole dresser full of scrumptiousness here. Second shelf – first two items…those were the projects for our first day featuring Badger Cottage. I fell in love with the tree on it, it's beautiful. Now, I wanted to buy the pattern for just about everything on display but after I'd given myself a good talking to and Bev had assured me that she would be keeping a fine stock of Lynette's patterns I bought the pattern and buttons for the beehive sewing book and scissor case (okay, I didn't stop there, I'll point out the rest as i get to the photos!)





Poor, poor Edna – I went and asked her about 50 times if she had put the pattern for this beauty in my bag – there was NO WAY I was going home without it! Somehow, I've managed to never see it before 😯 there are birds a plenty on there and look look look at all of that gorgeous Rouenneries. I have the stash to start on this quilt right now…how often does that happen? It was meant to be! 


 Your Home or Mine this one is called. It's a block of the month. It's irresistable. I didn't come home with it. Only because Bev is contemplating doing it as a BOM next year though 😀 (it's got a windmill on it, that's my favourite block of all but they're all super cute).





Here's Lynette (look at her fabulous trousers), she's opening up a present that Bev made for her – it was a beaded scissor fob. Now behind Lynette is the table that held all of the goodies from Lynette's brand spanking new book (yes, I got a signed copy whoop whoop!) The book is called It's Quilting Cats and Dogs and is a must buy item. There are also some pieces from Rainbow Cottage on that table – I loved those, such beautiful soft colours and pretty designs. I came home without but it will find a home here one day in the future 🙂



A Kitten's Tale.

What can I say?

Stunning, just stunning. I spent two whole days sitting right next to it.

It has pinwheels and kittens and suffolk puffs. I will make it. One day!  

We're in a bowling competition on Sunday so I need to polish up my bowls and go and get some practice in and hope that the weather keeps fine, bowling in the rain isn't nice! I've a little video to post soon of some kayak action that took place while I was off sewing.

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3 Responses to Exciting Times

  1. Margaret says:

    Oh wow! It all sounds and looks even MORE exciting than I had imagined it to be.
    I know I’ll read this post over and over a few times. Great pictures.
    LOVE that Rouenneries quilt which is just yummy!

  2. Sheila says:

    I was at Margaret´s on Monday and we were both green with envy imagining what you were up to 🙂
    What a fabulous time you had…thanks for all the pics etc.

  3. Carole says:

    Some lovely photos there.
    Hope you’re enjoying your Friday night stitch-in.

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