Snowflake No. 3

Actually, it was the second one, I got them mixed up – I think this is my favourite one so far though. These are so pretty that I could quite happily make an entire quilt of them.



I also prepared almost all of the hexagons for the Badger Cottage pencil case last night. I tried again with the glue and developed what I think is a better technique – I'll find out if that is the case when I come to remove the papers!

We're all four of us off to play in a bowling match today. It's a doubles match – one adult, one child so we've entered a girls and a boys team! Hopefully the rain will stay off – there's been a considerable downpour overnight.

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3 Responses to Snowflake No. 3

  1. Karen says:

    Loving the snowflakes Tree! This one is very cute. Also love the Bethlehem from last post, how many more panels to do on that project? I can’t wait to see it finished. 😀

  2. Jossie says:

    The ice colour makes it look so fragile. It is a lovely block.It is such a cute BOM that it is hard to resist.

  3. That is snowflake is a gorgeous color.

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