Christmas Star

After a simply wonderful weather day on Sunday when we bowled (and even won a game) and boated on the canal, Monday was a very wet day today so after some much needed housework and a trip to the library we decided an afternoon on the settee was in order – we had planned on cycling but we're not sufficiently committed to do it in the rain. We chose a film to watch – it was terrible, thank goodness I was stitching along while it was playing! It gave us something to laugh about when it was finished, lol! 

This is the last stitchery block for the Elefantz Christmas Story quilt. I'm really pleased with the way these blocks have turned out – especially as I struck out and chose vastly different fabrics to the original. I'm looking forward to sewing them altogether but I'll wait to do that until after the children have started back at school. This holiday has passed by much too quickly, we'd like more holiday please!


We're off to the market tomorrow for a little school bag shopping expedition and then maybe a trip to the pictures afterwards – I hear that the sun isn't going to shine again until Wednesday now :sigh:


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