My Garden Block 3

Almost missed posting this – we've had a buy day today. Catherine and I bowled in a competition which started at 9.30 this morning. It was a lovely relaxed affair and we really enjoyed it. While that was going on Matthew was playing a football match (they won this week – yeh!) I had another game of bowls left to play when John came to pick Catherine up to go to kayaking – phew! what a busy Sunday. We've just come back from a lovely meal out altogether, it's been a really lovely day and the sun has shone as well šŸ˜€

I've not stitched the little snail on yet – I'm seriously thinking of giving this quilt a wash once it's complete as there are a few pencil lines that I need to get rid of and it won't be good to wash it with the lovely buttons in place. Now – there is a HUGE mistake on this stitching, quite funny really and I did notice before it was too late but I decided to leave it as it is…what is it though?


I think it's not too obvious really and I decided that it didn't matter. When I was tracing the pattern, I was thinking how feint it was showing through the fabric this time…the reason for that was because I had the pattern the wrong side up so my tracing is back to front, lol! I think it makes for a unique quilt! I'll be having some time with the sewing machine tomorrow to put its Courthouse steps on and then this can go into the box with the other 3 blocks.

I spent a lot of time with a Scandinavian Christmas block yesterday – it isn't finished, there is a HUGE amount of stitching in those blocks…maybe sometime this week it'll be completed.


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4 Responses to My Garden Block 3

  1. Karen says:

    It’s super cute Tree! I would have never noticed it was the wrong way round, it looks fine to me!! xxx

  2. simone says:

    Absolutely beautiful! I now see that I forgot to make the surrounding line.
    I did see the ‘mistake’ right away, due to the leave on the right (mine is on the left), but I don’t think it is a mistake. It makes yours unique! It won’t trouble the snail LOL

  3. Janet says:

    That’s a gorgeos wee block, I don’t see any mistakes at all.

  4. No mistakes…only opportunities!? ; ) Right!!! What an adorable little block.
    How are the Kaffe’s and Kim’s coming along…?! Be brave – DIVE in!!!

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