September Reading

I thought it was time I did a recap of my months' reading (similar to Carole's posts) instead of mentioning the occasional book here and there. Turns out that I read a couple of excellent books this month so it's been a good month to start!

1. Unraveled Sleeve by Monica Ferris – I started this month off with a bookspiral passed on to me by Carole. This is what's referred to as a cozy mystery and they do make you feel like snuggling up by a roaring fire while you read the afternoon away. This is the 3rd of this series that I've read, I think there are 3 more to come and they are a pleasant interlude in between other things. (bookspiral)

2. Fired Up by Jayne Ann Krentz – a new author to me and one that I spotted on Nat's blog, she was reading The Burning Lamp – it sounded good so I ordered it up from the library and discovered that it was book 2 of the trilogy. I can't begin in the middle so I had to order up book no.1 which was this one. This book is set in the modern day with the series being about psychic power and a mysterious group called the Arcane Society. An interesting twist on the idea of psychic powers with people having different psychic talents and a lot of emphasis on the power of 'dreamlight' – an invisible residue left over from dreaming that people leave all over the place. I enjoyed this book…in fact I started and finished it in the same evening and will be ordering up more of this author's books from the library. (library)

3. The Burning Lamp by Jayne Ann Krentz (writing as Amanda Quick) – book 2 of the series is set in Victorian London. Similar type of plot to the first book but with enough variation in it so as not to make the story just a repeat of the first book. The characters were most enjoyable. I'll have to wait for book no. 3 as the library hasn't acquired it just yet  -  I think it's set in the future though. Interesting and refreshing order of doing things – present, past, future. There are plenty more Arcane series books for me to get stuck into with characters appearing from this particular book I notice. (library)

4. The Lace Reader by Brunonia Barry – oh this was so good I wish I could start it all over again. It's sad and upsetting but gripping reading, I couldn't put it down. (bookring) It's set in Salem and is about a family of women with 'powers' however the story isn't really about the powers but is instead a psychological thriller.

5. Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane – how have I not come across this book before? I read a review on Stephanie's Written Word of both film and book and decided to order it up from the library. I did watch the film clip and thought it looked like a bit of a horror story. I was stepping out of my comfort zone…or trying to! It's not a horror story, I was mistaken. It is however an excellent read, highly recommended…I couldn't put it down. Strange that I should read it straight after The Lace Reader, must have been some cosmic force at work there! This book had me being curious, horrified, scared and very, very sad. (library book)

6. Never the Bride by Paul Magrs – Carole put me onto this author with tales of vampires in Whitby…well, how could I resist! I was so gripped after the first chapter that I immediately ordered up book no. 2 – I did get a little less gripped as the book went on however – it ends in spectacular fashion and if I hadn't had bookrings to read I would have gone straight on to read book 2. (library)

7. P is for Peril by Sue Grafton – this was excellent, I think in my review I called it the best yet. I really like Kinsey Millhone as a character and most of the stories are good but there has seemed to me to be a little bit of a method in the writing…until this one. (bookspiral)

8. Q is for Quarry by Sue Grafton – another good one, this book has Kinsey working in partnership with two much older law enforcement officers – the banter and chatter was good and it made for less of the descriptive paragraphs of the surrounding areas that I usually skim over.

9. Wicked Appetite by Janet Evanovich – this wasn't on my scheduled list of reading but when I called into the library on Wednesday with Catherine it was sitting on a display waiting for me! It was brand new in that day, untouched by other reading eyes. I brought it home and devoured it instantly! I enjoyed it. I did chuckle several times but I never cried with laughter as I have done at almost all of the Stephanie Plum (I think the latest one is the only one not to have required a box of tissues at the ready). I enjoyed the characters and I can see that we're set up for at least another 6 books of Diesel and Lizzy adventures. The supporting characters are good – in particular Glo the 'would-be-witch' who causes catastrophe with her book of spells! It's enjoyable and worth reading but don't expect to almost expire from lack of breath due to laughter (but then maybe that's a good thing!).


Not so many books for me this month – I've been fitting in a lot of sewing until this week when the need to read has overpowered all else! I have a couple of bookrings lined up (and already started) for October and a huge stack of library books. Mt TBR is growing very dusty, I should really pay it some attention this month. 

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4 Responses to September Reading

  1. Carole says:

    Ooh books 😀
    That’s a lovely variety you’ve read this month. You’d already persuaded me to put Shutter Island on my wishlist but I think I’ll have to add Jayne Ann Krentz as well. I’m liking the sound of those books too. And maybe The Lace Reader…
    Right, I’m off to do my September’s reads. Let’s see if I can tempt you to any more books LOL

  2. Gina Smith says:

    Have you tried Nora Roberts.
    She writes detective aswell as fantasy/mystic/supernatural. You might enjoy some of hers. Be careful though as she writes in sets of three and, if like me, you pick the middle book to read first you might get a bit confused.
    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  3. Natty says:

    Glad you enjoyed the Arcane series offerings. :oD
    I am waiting on an Amanda Quick book to come in from the library – not Arcane-related as I wanted to see what her stand-alones are like. But did prefer the historical Arcane series tale to the two I read in present-day settings. :o)
    My poor TBR pile from the library is a tad neglected at the moment, but hope to get back to it soon.

  4. Margaret says:

    Thanks for the book review. You’ve just enabled me to buy the Lace Reader which should be waiting for me when I get to UK.
    It will be my holiday reading 🙂

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