Sewing for Guides

Catherine's Guide troop are trying to raise money for a new tent so they were having a little sale last night. I was asked if I would make some of these little wine bottle jacket thingys for them to sell so I set to work and created a simple pattern and away I went.

I also made a few of these little bags for them to sell. I find all sorts of uses for these and I had some pretty, modern fabrics left over from a jellyroll.



Hopefully somebody liked them enough to part with some cash for the tent fund! The tutorial for the little bags is on May Your Bobbin Be Always Full blog, they're super easy to make…I even got over my zipperphobia to make them! I wanted to make more but sadly time didn't allow. I'm hoping to get to get chance to make a mug rug or two this weekend…I think I may need to invest in a couple of nice new mugs first though 😀

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One Response to Sewing for Guides

  1. hazel coombes says:

    Hi, hope you sold some of your projects and the guides raised some money towards a new tent.
    Where in the UK do you live? I live in Middlesex.
    Hazel (UK)

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