Pennsylvania Dutch and Civil War

I was tidying yesterday and came across a partially cut out block for the Pennsylvania Dutch quilt. In the spirit of tidying up loose ends it seemed rude not to finish it off.


These blocks finish at 12" and they go together so quickly it's embarrassing that I don't have more of them completed. Now there is quite a large amount of leftover fabric from these blocks and I had been wondering what to use to make Barbara Brackman's Civil War blocks. I like the warm colours of Maison de Garance but what I have of that is already spoken for so it would mean going off to buy some more. No time for going shopping at the moment and I really wanted to get the first block made before the second is available otherwise. The solution was immediately at hand so I set to and cut out more of the Minick and Simpson and before long I'd completed the first Civil War block.


These blocks finish at 8" and I'll need to buy some fabric for sashing and a border but other than that I think I'll be able to mainly use the leftover Pennsylvania Dutch fabric. Not sure what colour to use for the sashing, perhaps that will become clear when I've made a few more blocks – I'd like to add the sashing as I go along really.

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One Response to Pennsylvania Dutch and Civil War

  1. Toni says:

    Beautiful blocks – you are certainly starting 2011 on a crafting note.
    Toni xx

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