North Star and 7 Sisters

Two more blocks for Barbara Brackman's Civil War quilt. The star was made last week and I just finished off the 7 sisters this morning.



I've got a few other blocks 'in progress' – the next Pennsylvania Dutch, Aunt Grace block 1 (still!) and this morning I picked out fabrics for Henrietta Whiskers. I've cut all of the fabric out for month 1 and for all of the 'square in a square' blocks this morning – I'm using a mixture of stash and a couple of charm packs of Sandy Gervais' Awesome…I'm hoping it looks ok! I have just enough wool for this month's Henrietta but will need to buy some more for the rest of them. I'm still waiting for my charm pack to arrive for the Birdie Stitches block of the month…wondering if the postman has started quilting! I got tired of waiting and have started doing the stitching and almost finished it so I'll be able to to sew the borders on when (if!) the charm packs ever arrive. 

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One Response to North Star and 7 Sisters

  1. Toni says:

    This is coming on a treat – it will be fabulous to see the completed quilt when it is done.
    Toni xx

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