Henrietta Whiskers – January

I finally managed to choose fabrics for Bunny Hill's new free block of the month quilt Henrietta Whiskers. I settled on using a couple of Awesome charm packs supplemented by some other fabrics from my stash. Fortunately I had enough wool to make Henrietta for the first block but will have to buy some more for the rest of the months. In the pattern, the leaves are also done using wool but I didn't have any in the colours that I wanted to use so my leaves are in fabric and needleturned. Henrietta has blanket stitch around her and the stems of the leaves are chain stitch. I thoroughly enjoyed making all of the this block and am looking forward to seeing what Henrietta will be doing on the February block.


The charm pack for the Birdie Stitches quilt finally arrived yesterday and I have almost all of the stitching completed for that so I can cut and sew the borders tonight I hope. There is only one more block of the month that I would like to take part in now and that is Val Laird's 'Consider the Lilies' and I'm just waiting on a little delivery for that so it could be a while before I start it if it takes as long to arrive as the charm packs did! 

I spoke to Chris as Father's Heart Quilting the other day and Tail Feathers should now be in the process of being quilted, I can't wait to see it when it's done.

Tonight is Friday Night Sew In and I've planned to do some piecing. I have an Aunt Grace block for month 1 all cut out and ready to stitch, I already put the pinwheels together. I also have a Pennsylvania Dutch block cut out and ready to stitch as well and I should really get another one of those ready to stitch if only to have a bit more variety in the next Civil War block!

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One Response to Henrietta Whiskers – January

  1. Toni says:

    Love this and the colours are fab.
    Toni xx

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