More Hearts and Flowers Progress and a Homecoming

My Tailfeathers quilt came home from being quilted on Tuesday. I've been looking at it ever since! The quilting has been beautifully done by Christine Marriage of Father's Heart Country Quilting It's lying on top of our bed at the moment and just needs its binding stitching on – that might be a job for today. I've taken a few photos, they're not brilliant as it's a dark, cold day here – it's actually trying to snow.


It came home with all the edges beautifully trimmed – I'm relieved about that as trimming isn't one of my favourite things to do.

A couple of close ups of the quilting next.



I've made quite a bit of progress on the Hearts and Flowers centre this week. The squiggles are finished – I'm not scared of those anymore! I've also appliqued the next two layers of the heart on top of the squiggles. Progress will most likely slow down on this now as there are choices to be made and I'm a fine procrastinator!


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5 Responses to More Hearts and Flowers Progress and a Homecoming

  1. Nicky says:

    And what a homecoming! The quilting is amazing, I can see how you can’t stop looking at it, it is SO beautiful! Congrats on such a lovely quilt.
    Good luck with those decisions. lol

  2. Karen says:

    Absolutely gorgeous Tree! Can’t wait to see it in real life on Saturday. Just beautiful! xxx

  3. simone says:

    Wow, Tee, what an amazing quilt. The quilting fits perfectly to it!!!You must be so excited. Love the heart you have finished. Great appliqué!

  4. Toni says:

    You must be so thrilled with that beautiful quilt – it is amazing.
    Toni xx

  5. Carole says:

    It’s beautiful – a real work of art. The quilting looks fab too.

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