Henrietta Whiskers block 2

I finished off block 2 of Bunny Hill Designs Henrietta Whiskers BOM last night – this is Henrietta's friend Sophie. I had planned on a woollen pumpkin buy my piece of orange felt wasn't big enough so I used some Moda orange crackle and I like the result with the subtle tone on tone pattern. I see a lot of patterned wool around on the web, it's lovely but sadly none of it seems to have made its way to these shores yet.


We have borrowed the dvd set of 24 season 2 from the library…need to view it all quickly as somebody else is waiting in line for it so I can't renew it after a week. Not sure how we never got into watching 24 when it was on the television but we're enjoying it now…just need to do a lot of viewing in a short space of time – perfect for some hand sewing 😀 I've almost finished the first part of the Consider the Lilies BOM and it's turning out beautifully – I went with the same fabric as the original design because I really like the fabric and had been looking for a good excuse to buy some of it! Hopefully I'll finish it tonight with a few more episodes of 24 to watch. 

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2 Responses to Henrietta Whiskers block 2

  1. Toni says:

    Love the autumn colours used in this block – so very different from your PD & CW quilts.
    Toni xx

  2. I have the Henrietta Whiskers patterns through block 7. Will there be anymore available.

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