Oops – a garden of flowers!

I've been waiting to post until I had finished the first fifth of the library. I've not yet finished it. Why? I got a little bit sidetracked – nothing new there! I was feeling the need to stitch a few GFG flowers as I've not done any in a while – so I gave in to the urge and stitched 6 more flowers. It was immensely enjoyable and satisfying. I laid out all of my flowers to date so I could see my garden.


All made using Inklingo I love this method. So, you would think that having got that out of my system I would then have pressed on to finish the cross stitch wouldn't you? Hmm, no that didn't happen! Recently there have been several new Inklingo releases and I wasn't able to resist a couple of them…especially the Rainbow Flower design. I've been itching to make one since I downloaded and I could stand it no longer! Not sure where I'm going with this and how big it will turn out to be eventually but here's what I played with this afternoon…


I need to think about this a little while now and decide on size etc. I only have two fat quarters of that rather fabulous pink tone on tone so yes, some thought and planning required as those petals are quite big.

Here's the poor Library – it has progressed since I last showed it, I was trying to get those bricks finished and the leaves done for the first section before I got distracted! I will get it done before I start my stitch along with Karen – we're going to be stitching Country Cottage Needleworks Bunny Hop – I'd like to finish and frame mine in time for Easter.


(terrible photo of it!)

I'm behind with my book reviewing – I've my Feb reads to write up yet and 2 book reviews for the Historical Fiction challenge to write…one of them being my second Transworld Crime Caper book. Blame it on the hexagons!

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3 Responses to Oops – a garden of flowers!

  1. yvette says:

    I love your flower blocks. I am really intrigued by Inklingo projects and am tempted to get something and try it out. Thanks for the great review.

  2. Carole says:

    The library is coming along very nicely indeed. Not much to do and then you can start the next section šŸ™‚
    Pretty flower garden too. They look lovely all laid out.

  3. Margaret says:

    Pretty flowers and I love your cross stitch project.
    Who is the designer?

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