Friday Night Sew In – March

Last night was March's Friday Night Sew In and I managed to cross a couple of things off my 'to-do' list 😀 First of all I made last week's block for the Civil War quilt – I like this one a lot, especially the fabrics.


Then I caught up with the Consider the Lilies BOM and made parts 2 and 3 of block one. I stitched those to the first part which has the lilies on it (completed last month). I've just the stitchery designs to trace onto parts 2 and 3 and 2 applique hearts to make. I'm taking this with me to stitch when we have our weekend away next weekend.


After that I settled down in front of the tv to watch some Comic Relief with my Vignette In Stitches part one. I'm enjoying the stitching on this but it's quite slow going – the pink flowers take quite a while to stitch!


It could benefit from a visit with the iron I think, it looks terribly crumpled here 😮 My issue two hasn't arrived at the LQS as yet so I'm not counting myself as behind for now, lol!
Earlier in the week I made March's Henrietta Whiskers block but I've saved the hand stitching on that for my weekend away…and forgotten to take a photo of it!

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6 Responses to Friday Night Sew In – March

  1. Yvette says:

    Everything looks great! You are right about your CW block, the fabrics are great.

  2. ImperaMagna says:

    Love your CV block… and the fabrics are indeed fabulous! You were very busy last night… great job!

  3. Carole says:

    You were a busy stitcher last night 🙂
    All lovely pieces but I’m really loving those wee pink flowers.

  4. SuperMom says:

    Each of the blocks you worked on is just lovely. You certainly accomplished a lot for FNSI.

  5. simone says:

    Wow, Tee, great job, all those finishes. I think I told you before, that I just love the fabrics you are using for the CW blocks!

  6. I love the lilies block, it’s so pretty!
    You had a really productive FNSI!

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