Past Caring by Robert Goddard

Pastcaring Over the years I've read quite a few books by Robert Goddard and have yet to be disappointed by any of them. This is another novel set in different time periods with events taking place from 1910 through to about 1980. 

Martin Radford, an out of work historian is offered the (paid) opportunity to research the events recorded in the journal of little know MP Edwin Strafford. After reading the journal, Martin jumps at the chance and sets about finding out why Strafford resigned his position of cabinet minister at the height of his career and why his fiance rejects him. 

Mystery and intrigue abound in this story as do murder, deception and manipulation. In the first part of the book we read along with Martin as he absorbs Strafford's journal and becomes committed to discovering what caused the man's fall from grace. It's difficult to say too much without giving away pieces of the plot however, once Martin begins to research and look into events, the action comes thick and fast and Martin himself has several surprises up his sleeve to present the reader with. While the part of the book that deals with Strafford's journal is perhaps a little slow, once the action gets going this book is not one to be put down. 


This is the third book that I have reviewed for the Great Transworld Crime Caper and was provided by Transworld. It is my sixth review for the Historical Reading Challenge.

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