Cup of tea anyone?

I have plenty of sewing projects to be getting on with but I don't really like to use my sewing machine when the children are on holiday – I try and sneak in a few hours here and there on something more portable. Anyway, with Bunny Hop completed I contemplated getting some work done on the Vignette quilt but then I spotted these cups of tea in the Cross Stitch Collection magazine…

I've not bought a British cross stitch magazine in years but had spotted a lovely rose fairy on the cover of this one and wanted to investigate further! Inside I found this – isn't it a beautiful project? I just couldn't resist – my kitchen is in these colours and I love a cup of tea so I considered it the perfect project! This is how much I've stitched so far…

It's a really enjoyable stitch with enough stitch variety to keep it interesting without being overwhelming. I think you can't really tell from the pics themselves but there are about 5 or so different blues in it – I'm not big on that sort of confusion but I'm going with it because I love how they blend together.

I collected Bunny Hop from the framing shop on Saturday…

I'm really pleased with it 😀

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4 Responses to Cup of tea anyone?

  1. Carole says:

    Oh that is lovely! What fabric are you stitching it on – it looks really fine?
    Bunny hop looks gorgeous in its frame. I like the way you’ve photographed it 🙂

  2. Pip says:

    Yes, it is lovely, I can pick out most of the blues. Is it linen you are using to stitch on, I’m afraid I haven’t graduated beyond Aida cloth 😦

  3. kim says:

    Love your stitching… beautiful! That teapot one is adorable! I have quite a few finished pictures that I really should get framed… it’s just getting around to it!!!

  4. May Kaardahl says:

    Love your stiching. It`s beautiful.. I especially like the one with the tea cups. Which number of Cross Stitch Magazine did you get it from?
    Happy stitching.

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