Henrietta Whiskers block 5

Not much sewing has taken place for the last couple of weeks. I made a great start on the Owl cross stitch and then had to take a rest because of elbow pain. I realised at the weekend that I was in danger of not completing this month's Henrietta Whiskers block if I didn't get some stitching done so I did a little bit each day and managed to finish in time…just a few days until the next block is available. This is the only project that I'm on track with so I don't want to fall behind! Once the school holidays are over I intend to try and catch up on my Civil War blocks – at least that way I'll get a stitching fix but won't irritate my elbow.

Here's this month's Henrietta block…



and here are the first 5 blocks together. Row 1 blocks are stitched together already, hopefully by this time next month row 2 will be stitched together and attached to row 1 🙂


I forgot to take a photo of the progress on the owl cross stitch – I was getting along nicely before the elbow butted in and demanded I take a break!

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6 Responses to Henrietta Whiskers block 5

  1. Pip says:

    Annoying when some injury prevents you from sewing much, good on you for keeping on track with a project, and at least the pain doesn’t keep you from reading 🙂

  2. Yvette says:

    Your blocks are so adorable.

  3. simone says:

    Very pretty! Your appliqué work is perfect.

  4. Carole says:

    Sorry your elbow is playing up again Tree. Hope it’s better soon.
    That latest block is just adorable. I think it’s my favourite 🙂

  5. Nicky says:

    Your Henrietta blocks are beautiful Tree. Sure hope your elbow is feeling better soon.

  6. Sheila says:

    I love your Henrietta blocks, they are fun to do arne’t they ,just finished block six today .

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