Ruby Rag Squares and a Library Update

I'm still happily working away on WIPs – there are plenty for me to go at! Last week I was a bit off colour and so some cross stitch on the settee was in order. Although I was enjoying stitching the January cottage I was overwhelmed with a need to resume stitching on LHN's The Library. Now I have had this on the go for a shamefully long time. This time last year there was only a little part of one of the firs scroll of the top border done and I took it in hand and pressed on with some stitching. I didn't work on it continuously but got it out occasionally and enjoyed putting some stitches in. This was all going well until the day that I realised I'd used the wrong green thread in the top and bottom borders. Away it went into the darkest recesses of my cupboard – banished through no fault of its own because of my mistake! 

I'm glad to say that building is once again underway and some of the necessary frogging has been done and replaced. I did a little more unstitching last night and there's a bit left to do but things are definitely progressing again.


Now that the door and the steps are finished I'm returning to construction of my January cottage until it's complete. The chart for February's cottage arrived on Tuesday so I'm all set to stitch on that next month. I saw the picture of the March cottage last week and it is gorgeous – and green, my favourite colour!

In other stitchings…I had the squares all cut out for a rag quilt using Ruby flannels so I deemed that to be a WIP and have this week cut out all the squares of batting and glued them together. I'm currently free motion quilting my way through this rather blurry pile and hope to have that part complete this week. I cut the squares out for this quilt using my Accuquilt Go.


Tomorrow is the first Friday Night Sew In of 2012. I haven't managed to join in one of these for a while now so I'm hoping to stitch tomorrow night but haven't yet decided what to work on. Maybe a little work on the Ruby squares or perhaps I might make the Wildflower cross stitch into a cushion.

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4 Responses to Ruby Rag Squares and a Library Update

  1. Pip says:

    Sometimes when you make a mistake the best thing is just to leave it until you are in a better frame of mind to fix it šŸ™‚
    I think if you have a lot of WIPs the best thing is to just work slowly on them, rather than beat yourself up trying to finish them all, more enjoyable that way.

  2. Carole says:

    The Library is looking great now the door and steps are finished. You’re making me want to start mine šŸ™‚

  3. simone says:

    When I read, that you did some unstitching, I once again understand who I don’t cross stitch. I admire your patience for it! Love the stitchery though and wished I could get myself to make something that pretty!

  4. What a wonderful piece you have stitched. Have fun at the sew in.

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