CCN March Cottage

I put the last few stitches into the March cottage this afternoon. I could have had this finished last week really but a nasty bug, a sore arm and the beautiful sunshine conspired to prevent any stitching going on :) 

It is straight in real life – honestly!


and here are the first 3 all in a row…


The chart and threads for April's cottage arrived yesterday, I'm looking forward to stitching with some pretty lilac 🙂

There may not be much stitching going on at the moment but the postman has been a rather frequent visitor to our post box! The Grinch fabric arrived so I can start stealthily cutting that out when a certain person isn't around and a couple of new books – Lynette Anderson's and another very pretty applique book which I can't for the life of me remember the name of…it has many tempting projects in it though. 

I have my March owl to finish off – she only has a few stitches done so plenty of work there for the next few days. I did put a few stitches into the Library this month while I was away with the girls but not enough of a difference was made to take a photo really. I'm hoping to press on with that project a little more this month – I can see the end in sight, it's just finding the time to fit some stitching in on it as well as the cottage, the owls and the gazillion other projects on the go!


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One Response to CCN March Cottage

  1. Margaret says:

    Another lovely finish. Your row of cottages is looking very lovely.
    Is the applique book this one
    I have it on my wishlist.

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