March Owl

Finished this last night just in time! Each little owl is a gorgeous, quick, satisfying stitch. They look lovely when they're stitched but then when the backstitch is done they really spring to life. I think the April owl is green, I'm really looking forward to that! This is half way done now, there are only 6 owls in total.


Hard to tell on this picture – the fabric is a gorgeous soft blue colour with white cloudy bits –  really pretty.

My task for today was to start the next cottage however – I've ordered up a larger R&R frame for the cottages as my hoop is making a disaster of the fabric and it's getting harder and harder to iron the creases out each month. My plan therefore is to start on this…


Completely off plan and rather naughty of me but…I couldn't resist. It's full of birds and look at the colour of the fabric – luscious! It's a 12 part series called The Flock by Sam Sarah Design Studios. I think I can just about manage to squeeze in another bit of birdie stitching each month 😀 I bought the goodies (including the lush fabric) for my flock of birds from Karla at the Patchwork Rabbit I spotted it on one of my frequent 'let's see if the next cottage has arrived' browsing sessions!

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4 Responses to March Owl

  1. simone says:

    Oh my, your owls are ever so cute!!!

  2. Wendy says:

    your owls are gorgeous! Can’t wait to see your progress with the birds.

  3. Carole says:

    Ooh pretty, pretty owls 🙂
    I went a bit off plan today too. I hadn’t quite finished as much as I’d wanted to on Firefly so I’ve stitched that this morning and have just done an hour on the new cottage just so I can say that I’ve started it *grin*

  4. Daffycat says:

    LOL These are cute owls! I love the new Sam Sarah birdie design. Who could resist hot pink fabric?

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