Cottage Challenge

Last Wednesday I set myself a little cottage challenge. I was quite a bit behind with these and wanted to get at least a little bit caught up. I wondered whether I would manage to stitch two cottages in 10 days. Carole thought it was doable. So, I set out to see if it was! I started the April cottage on Wednsday evening and finished it on Sunday afternoon. I immediately started the May cottage which I've been very excited about since I first saw the chart…all those little buzzing creatures, the beehive, the birdhouse – so pretty. I put the final buzzing stitches onto May last night.

My 10 day challenge was more than doable, I took just a bit over 7 days – I could probably stitch another one before the end of the month but we're taking Winnie to the Lake District this weekend so it's not going to happen! 

These photos are not the best – the weather here is awful this morning. In fact, it rained so hard just as the children were about to leave for the bus that we piled into the car and drove to school instead! They would have been soaked through in spite of wearing coats and carrying an umbrella. I was hoping it would clear the air a bit but it's still very humid. 




Each time I stitch a new cottage it becomes my favourite! I'm not sure that will wear off with the May cottage but honestly when you see them all together it's hard to say which one is the prettiest…


I'm making a few little changes to June and July. The July cottage is all red white and blue in honour of the 4th July. As I'm English I'm going to switch that to the June position and try to incorporate a few bits to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee so the June cottage will go in the July slot. I'll be playing with something else for a week or so though, it's time for a little break from the cottages after this intense burst of stitching!

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4 Responses to Cottage Challenge

  1. Karen L says:

    They’re looking gorgeous Tree. Can’t wait to see what you do with June’s šŸ˜€

  2. Carole says:

    Oh well done. I knew you could do it šŸ™‚
    They are looking lovely all together. I do love that jumbo rabbit eyeing up those massive carrots *grin*

  3. Emma says:

    So pleased I have found your blog. I was actually looking for quilts made with Kate Spain’s ‘Good Fortune’ fabric and have now seen your gorgeous cottages too! I can’t see an email address for you but wondered if I could feature your Good Fortune quilt on my blog, I love it! I would link back to your blog. Please contact me: I can’t wait to see the completion of your cottage project either, I have bookmarked your blog!

  4. Connie says:

    What beautiful cottages! I can understand how each new one is your favorite!

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