A few strawberries and a tiny blossom

So – I promised myself to start back working on the SKOW quilt once the June/July cottage was finished. Then I thought that I would just make a little start on the July/June cottage as I had all of the stuff to hand and I had tidied the applique away and I could get that out the next day. Well, the next day – yesterday, both Catherine and I were feeling grotty and not a lot got accomplished. I did however manage to finish off the top border and do the name on the July/June cottage – this is actually the June cottage but I'm using it in my July position. 



The red thread is lovely and I have fallen in love with the little strawberries! I've put it to one side now until I've completed some more SKOW blocks.

I was procrastinating a little bit on the SKOW blocks, mainly in part due to the tree. I love the tree and I have quite a bit of the block already appliqued with the exception of this part…

This is the top part of the tree. I had everything prepared for it last week – all of the little bits cut out, ready and waiting to be stitched down. I decided to employ an avoidance technique to see if those little blossoms would stitch themselves down while I was looking the other work. This technique was a failure – I can't recommend it at all. I've decided to employ another technique to get the job done – DIY. It seems to be working so far – let's see how I feel after I've done a few of these flowers, I think there are 11 in total :gulp:

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2 Responses to A few strawberries and a tiny blossom

  1. simone says:

    gulp – nope that’s not my kind of needle turning yet …

  2. Carole says:

    July is looking lovely. I enjoyed stitching those little strawberries too.
    I don’t envy you those wee blossoms but I know you’ll make short work of them once you get started 🙂

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