Around the World in 80 Stitches

I started this project last year after some encouragement from Carole and a peek at the first part of her project. I struggled to keep up with stitching last year as I wasn't enjoying very good health, there were a couple of months when I think I didn't actually stitch at all and this was one project that got left by the wayside. Well actually, it got put into the naughty corner. It wasn't the project's fault really – it was me, I just couldn't properly decide on thread colours. Anyway, it was on my list of things to sort out during this month and I got everything out a few days ago and had a good old sort out. I had already stitched the first heart and was onto the second. Having forced myself to make some final colour choices and undo the colours that I didn't like I set off toe finish heart number 2.

Heart number 1 – I can't remember what I enjoyed stitching on this one as it's so long now since I stitched it but I do recall having problems with the Berwick Stitch which should have been the stitch beneath the dark pink flowers. I think I resorted to backstitching instead – it looks no different to me.

260113-1Sorry for the quality of these photos. I've been waiting for the weather to behave so that I could take some decent pictures. I usually take photos in the conservatory where the light is excellent however, the weather decided to drop another 5 inches of snow on us yesterday so it's rather dark in the conservatory today! The husband and the son are currently trying to dig us a path up to the main road – yes, we live right at the bottom of a steep hill. Anyway, onto more exciting things, here is heart no. 2 – this picture is even worse but at least it gives a general idea…


On this heart, I loved stitching the big flowers – I think these are called Lindisfarne stitches. They were a lot of fun and I love the cute, cushions of the Scotch stitches. Notice that nowhere am I making mention of the Lazy Daisies. No. Keeping quiet about those. I must have stitched a gazillion of them on other projects but I can't seem to make them look pretty on this type of fabric. Humph!

Here's the whole progress so far – I have already stitched the outlines of the tulips for part two so last night I enjoyed doing the Hardanger in each tulip and then I started to do the Mordvinian Star pieces. Unfortunately, it was 10 o'clock and my eyes were saying enough, enough, enough – it's time for a rest. So I had to pack up and leave it to play with today. Those Mordvinian things are a bit fiddly to be honest and I was thinking what a heck of mess I was making of them but when I looked at them in daylight this morning they seem to look okay so I'll plod on with those this afternoon.


Now, Carole is an excellent friend and I am certain this in the past I have tempted her to many a book or sewing purchase. Currently, she is having a good run at tempting me to do stuff. I said last year that I wasn't going to do the Song of the Weather Hardanger SAL. I should have realised at the time that I was fibbing to myself when I know that I've wanted to do some proper Hardanger for a long time. Anyway, Carole persevered with the tempting and it wasn't long before I found myself clicking over to see what the first month's piece looked like. Not long after that I was clicking over the Sew and So to order up the necessary. Oops! Hopefully, this will be a healthier year and I will get more stitching done. I hope so – I've got plenty to do! Below are my supplies – I decided to use the cream fabric with a raspberry pink and a pale pink for the colours. I'm rather excited to get started but will wait until I've finished part 2 of Papillon.


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3 Responses to Around the World in 80 Stitches

  1. Carole says:

    Oh your Papillon looks gorgeous. I love your final colour choices.
    The colours for the Hardanger are beautiful too. Can’t wait to see that stitched up 🙂

  2. Miriam says:

    I hope your health is much better in 2013.
    I love your colours for your new project!
    Beautiful stitching!

  3. wendy says:

    how gorgeous! Your stitching really is beautiful.

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