Quick! take a photo…

I've gone slightly off plan with my stitching! In fact, I'm not too sure why I make a plan because as soon as I make one – I go right off plan! The 'plan' with the Papillon Around the World in 80 Stitches was to slowly catch up by stitching on it at the weekends. That hasn't happened. No. Not at all. What has happened is that since my last blog post (ages ago!) I have stitched exclusively on Around the World and completely ignored everything else. My excuse? I was enjoying myself! I was enjoying myself so much in fact that I kept on stitching and forgot to take a photo at the end of each section.

So here's where I'm at right now – if you remember from the last post about this piece, when I went back to stitching it I'd not even completed stitching the second heart due to my inability to make a decision on threads colours.


I have that petal shape to complete and two more parts and then I will be up to date although I think we are due the next section very soon. I'm thrilled to have done as much of it as I have though and I love the way it's looking.

Part 2 consisted of the two tulip shapes…


Not brilliant photos I'm sorry to say – the weather is dull here this morning and I ended up using the flash. See the white bits? Well, way back when we started on this project I was tempted to use a different colour of thread because I worried that the white would stick out like a sore thumb. Instead, I think they give the eye a place to rest and I love stitching the white parts now – but then, I love using perle threads.

Part 3 was this four petal design…


Lots of Lazy Daisies on this part – I'm not too friendly with those, they're easy to stitch but tricky to make them look neat. I have been going a little off plan with the colours occasionally too – those lazy daisies should have been stitched in more colours than they are but it looked too busy to me so I didn't do that.

Part 4 was these two funny shapes…


No white stitching in this part but those leaves and the windmill stitches made up for that – I loved stitching those.

Part 5 was another odd shape…


LOVED stitching this part, some really fun stitches here.

Part 6…hmm, the camera rebelled here and told me that the battery wanted charging so I'll have to do a photo of that another day. It was a very fun and very quick part to stitch and there was a good amount of lovely white stitching to do. 

I'm currently part way through part 7…enjoying the white stitching, yum! I took a break at the weekend to stitch an easy little Christmas ornament while we were watching a film. I would show a photo of that but the camera says no!

Half term this week so my couple of hours stitching in the afternoon has gone by the wayside for now. Plus, I'm under pressure from Catherine to finish off her Grinch quilt but…my sewing machine says no! I'll be calling up my Pfaff dealer this morning to see if she can give him a look over to see what the problem is. 

Hopefully I'll be back soon with a photo of the Christmas ornament and some more progress on Around the World 🙂

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One Response to Quick! take a photo…

  1. Carole says:

    Ooh, that is looking gorgeous. Your colours are working perfectly 🙂
    It’s not just me that technology doesn’t like then? I hope the camera says yes soon as I need to see your weekend project.

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