Song of the Weather – February

In my enthusiasm to catch up on the Papillon SAL I forgot all about my February piece of the Song of the Weather SAL. I was so excited to get part two and get stitching away at it but I just kept on stitching the Papillon! Then half term came around and Catherine wanted to make a waistcoat so we got stuck into that and Matthew wanted to make a birdbox as well and my poor hardanger got totally forgotten about. I didn't remember until the email for part 3 arrived in my inbox on the 1st March.

It's stitched now though and I love it. I had a good session of sweating before I actually managed to do the cutting on this – I've had no experience of cutting before so I was very apprehensive. I invested in the special scissors which look at first sight like a pair of pliers and I'm glad that I did. They were extremely easy to use and also nice and sharp. The little bead stitch in pale pink gave me a few problems – I'm left handed and my thread was twisting the wrong way so that when I looped through the first start of the stitch it actually undid the stitch! Spent a rather frustrating hour or so trying to work out what the problem was but once I had, I was able to stitch along quite happily. 

I'm using the same threads throughout. I love the perle threads and I think there will be more of those in my future at some point. Here's the finished piece…


I need some more practice with the Dove stitches I think! I'm stitching these pieces on one piece of fabric as a kind of Hardanger sampler. Here's the story so far…


I'm going to get some fabric to put behind the pieces that have holes in them – probably an Oakshott to match the dark pink. I can order that up once I'm ready to order the fabric to applique my Hexy MF down. Part 3 has a few different stitches in it – including Queen Stitch which is a favourite of mine. I'm looking forward to stitching that – hopefully I won't forget again. For the moment I'm busy finishing off my items for the Nancy Drew blog hop which begins this week on Wednesday – my day is Friday.

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2 Responses to Song of the Weather – February

  1. Carole says:

    That looks lovely Tree 🙂
    Your wrapped bars are so even, and it looks so pretty in the pinks.

  2. Chookyblue says:

    I have never done any of this stitching but it would be nice to give it ago…….one day…….it’s very pretty………

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