Christmas Ornament No. 2

I've just finished the last little bit of backstitching on this 'soon to be' Christmas ornament. It's another of Joan Elliott's designs from the 365 Cross Stitch Designs Bookazine. In the book it was stitched all in gold but I wanted to use a bit more of the glittery fabric so I used green – Chives by The Gentle Art Samper Threads, it's one of my favourite greens…actually, there are a lot of those, green is my favourite colour! 


I should probably start thinking of some finishing ideas for these pretty soon – don't want to arrive at December having a stitched several and finished none! Quite excited about stitching my next choice, it reminds me of Catherine. I'm just stitching on these now and again in between other, longer projects – it's satisfying to have a finish now and again.

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One Response to Christmas Ornament No. 2

  1. Carole says:

    Oh that one is pretty!
    I love Chives too. Such a nice green 🙂

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