Cara’s Birthday

This year it was my turn to buy for Cara's birthday which was last month. I decided to get her some threads for some of the charts on her to be stitched list. While new thread is lovely, I thought a little something handmade would be nice too. I settled on making a needle book with a few different types of needles inside. The construction is based on this one by Amy of the Nana Company blog.

The cover has a machine embroidered monogram –


I've used this monogram a few times now and it stitches up really nicely – I stitched it at 20% less than full size.

A  few pics from inside – I dusted off some alphabet stamps and some fabric ink and did a little stamping…it's been a while!

270413-5  270413-3   270413-2

Then, I dusted off my card blanks and made a birthday card. I happened upon a cd of Joan Elliott oriental designs one day in my Amazon perusings so as both Cara and I are fans I thought it would be great to make a card using one of the designs. 


It took quite a while for it to stitch out but it turned out absolutely beautifully – I'll definitely be playing with the designs on that cd some more!



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