Hexagon News

I’ve been happily sewing my hexagon flowers together for my HexyMF quilt that I started last year. I counted up and I am just over a third of the way through now. It’s easy sewing apart from when I puncture the top of my finger with my very tiny needle – really need to buy some more thimble pads! Here’s the progress so far – sitting on my husband’s newly built decking.


In other hexagon news – I just can’t leave them alone, I started making some pieced hexagons using my Inklingo shapes. These are different combinations of hexagons, diamonds and triangles that form a big hexagon when sewn together. I really love these – they take a while to stitch together though. Mine will finish with 4″ sides and measure 8″ across the middle.


I really can’t leave these alone, they’re thoroughly addictive! In other stitching news I’ve restarted work on the Papillon SAL. I’ve been itching to get going on that again for some time but made myself wait until the cottages were finished…then I got distracted by an All Our Yesterdays cross stitch for a while but I’m back on track now and enjoying stitching the Papillon again.

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One Response to Hexagon News

  1. About 20 years ago I bought a Laura Ashley kit full of hexagons. It looks very similiar to the colours you’ve got there. I sewed a few together but then I lost interest and they’ve been sitting in a carrier bag ever since.
    I really must try and do something with them.

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