Pieced Hexagon No. 4

These are completely addictive, I love making them. I’m using a combination of machine and hand piecing for them. This one has, I think, 29 pieces in it and I think it’s my favourite one so far…


I’m using Inklingo to make these. This method prints the shapes on the back of the fabric so that after cutting out, it is super easy to follow the lines for stitching. Linda has designed different combinations of hexagons, triangles and diamonds to make over 300 different pieced hexagons. I am using 1″ and 2″ shapes to make my hexagons so they finish up at 4″ on the sides and 8″ across. At the weekend, Linda launched a very handy and comprehensive E-book that is absolutely packed full of information and pictures – it’s at an introductory half price at the moment – until tomorrow I think and more than worth the small investment.

I’m off to page through some more of the book now and choose my next design!

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One Response to Pieced Hexagon No. 4

  1. Carole says:

    That is really pretty 🙂

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