Halloween Cat ornament

This is the 4th ornament in Joan Elliott’s recent collection of Halloween ornaments. The backstitching really brought some life to him. I’m itching to start decorating the wreath that these will go onto but I’m not sure what glue to use to glue plastic (my leaves and other decorations) to wood, hmmm.


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5 Responses to Halloween Cat ornament

  1. Toni says:

    Aww, isn’t this cute. What a super black cat for Halloween.
    Toni xx

  2. tina says:

    I use Beacon 3-in-1 “advanced craft glue”. It dries clear, it grabs quickly and dries very quickly ( i ave never had to clamp anything i used it on). It is acid free and if you get it on your skin it washes off fairly easy (I use a nail brush when I wash it off). Hope this helps.
    I love the kitty.

    • Theresa says:

      Fabulous thank you – I’ve just found it on Amazon and will order up and try it out. I tried another type this morning but it takes ages to dry and doesn’t dry clear so this may be my solution.

  3. Carole says:

    Oh this one is my favourite so far. It’s gorgeous 🙂
    Can’t wait to see the finished wreath.

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