Baskets and Antique Sampler Exhibition

There were 3 new Inklingo collections released this week – 3 different sizes of baskets. I love basket quilts and so I couldn’t resist buying one of the collections. The 3 sizes were 3″, 4.5″ and 6″ finished – I went with the 6″ finished. Although I’m still fitting in the occasional pieced hexagon here and there and have multitudinous other things on the go I had to make a basket! There are different options available for making the handle – either pieced or applique – I decided to try out the pieced option first to see if I could make a half decent job of it. I used some fabric from my scrap box to make the first basket – in case I made a mess of it!



It went better than I expected! I pieced this one by hand in between answering the door to little ghosties and witchys last night. I went slowly on the curved handle parts and it went quite well – I think with a little more practice it will become a quicker process. While I did piece all of this by hand this time, I think that for future ones of this size I will do a mixture of hand and machine piecing – sticking with piecing the handles by hand. I’ve decided to make 4 more out of these scraps and turn them into a hot pad. Actually, I’m so smitten with these baskets that I’m super tempted to go and buy the the 4.5″ collection! (they are on sale until the 8th November).

I’m just taking a quick 10 minute break to write this post – we’re packing up to go to Oxfordshire for the weekend. I got a leaflet in one of the Cross Stitch Guild mailings for an exhibition of historic samplers – I persuaded the family that we need to go!



The theme of the exhibition is “What’s in a Name? People and Places” I’m really looking forward to seeing it as I love samplers. Not sure if I will be able to take photographs but I do know that there’s a catalogue for sale so I will certainly be bringing one of those home with me.

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One Response to Baskets and Antique Sampler Exhibition

  1. Carole says:

    How did I miss this post earlier with it’s cute basket? It looks awfully complicated but very neat like all of your stitching. I shall look forward to seeing the finished hot pad 🙂

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